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Essco Aircraft Document Preservation

We take our responsibility for preserving some of the worlds rarest aviation documents seriously here at Essco Aircraft. Thousands of man (mostly woman) hours have gone into scanning, despeckling, deskewing, removing noise from documents some dating back to the 1920's.

Here is a gracious letter from the Yankee Air Museum after a devastating fire left them without manuals for restoration and repair:

"Thank You Essco: We owe a large Thank You to Essco Aircraft who saw our needs here & generously donated a complete set of aircraft maintenance manuals for all four of our aircraft. Stacked up they are almost 3 feet tall! Given the age of our aircraft & rarity of these manuals they are invaluable to us. They are also a very sizable donation in todays dollars by Michael Stadvec owner of Essco. We'd also like to thank the efforts of Ernie & Patty. Essco has always been an excellent resource for any aircraft manual of any age, always friendly service too!"

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Our Printing Facility

Our Library

Essco Aircraft is housed in an 11,000 square foot state of the art production facility in Barberton Ohio, just outside of Akron. We do all of our image scanning, document clean up and printing in-house. Below is a sample of some of our state of the art Canon equipment. All of equipment is meticulously maintained through our partnership with IKON Office Solutions.


Canon IR8500
Essco Aircaft's Flagship
110 pages per minute of Digital Fury

Affectionately known as "Boeing"


Is it an Original or Reproduction?

We do our best to supply the best Aircraft Manuals to the Aviation Industry, Aircraft Museums, Pilots, Flight Schools, Pilot Shops, FBO's and Avionics Facilities. Our reproductions are all done on state of the art Canon digital printers after being meticulously cleaned up and scanned (for more on our equipment and process, click here) We also have over $500,000.00 of factory original manuals in stock from Cessna Aircraft, Beech, Piper, Continental and more.

If you have questions or concerns regarding any Aircraft Manual, feel free
to call, 1-877-318-1555 or email: