Grumman S-2 Series

Grumman S2-A, S-2C, S-2F, C-1A 1955 Structural Repair
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Grumman S-2A,/B/F 1963 Plane Captains' Handbook (part# GEN-P-1510)
  • Air Anti-Submarine Squadrons of Naval Air reserve Training Command
  • S-2A/B/F and Line Manual
  • Contains: Tracker Introduction, Dimensions, Airspeed Limitations, Engine Operating Limits, Materials and Systems, Engine, Propellers, Ignition System, Fuel System, Oil System, Guage Readings, The Line, Ordnance Information, Electronic Information, Electrical and Instrument Information, Air Frames Information, Line Safety
  • September 1963
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Grumman S-2A,-2C,-2F 1964 Flight Manual
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Grumman S-2D & S-2E Tracker 1964 Maintenance Instructions
Corrosion Control, Cleaning, Painting and Decontamination
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Grumman S-2D & S-2E Tracker 1968 Flight Manual
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Grumman S2F/TF Aircraft Accident Summary(part# S2F/TF)
  • Summary of S2F/TF Aircraft Accidents and FLIGAS
  • Contains: Forward, Accident Statistics, General Conclusions, Pilot Factor Accident Briefs, Material Failure Accident Briefs, Other Personnel Factor Accident Briefs, Undetermined Cause Accidents Briefs, FLIGAS
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Grumman S2F-1, -2, 1956 Flight Handbook
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Grumman S2F-1, -2, TF-1 1958 Illustrated Parts Breakdown
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