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Dale and Kim Berger Acquire Essco Aircraft

Dale and Kim Berger Acquire Essco Aircraft

Dale and Kim Berger are thrilled to announce their acquisition of Essco Aircraft, a revered name in aviation for manuals, checklists, technical publications, and memorabilia.

We celebrate the legacy of Essco Aircraft’s founder, Ernest “Captain Ernie” Stadvec, a WWII B-29 pilot, the pioneer of airborne traffic reporting in the United States, an Akron, Ohio native, and a local TV personality. His storied career in aviation has been the bedrock of Essco Aircraft. Ernie’s daughter, Marjorie Stadvec, who has been a pivotal part of Essco's operations since her youth, will continue to offer the exceptional customer support that has become a hallmark of our brand.

Dale Berger, a U.S. Air Force veteran and pilot since 1986, brings over 40 years of aviation experience to his new role, most recently as a Chief Inspector for an Avionics Shop. Kim Berger, leveraging her business acumen as the Office Manager at Glatte, Inc., and her extensive background in accounting, provides nearly four decades of expertise in management and financial oversight.

Allison and Daniel Berger, equipped with degrees in Business Administration and Managerial Marketing from Kent State University, respectively, are ready to integrate contemporary strategies and fresh innovation into the family business.

As Essco Aircraft charts a course for the next chapter, our dedication to the community that has stood with us remains unwavering. With a broadening array of products and services on the horizon, we invite you to join us on this exciting journey. Stay updated by visiting our website and following our social media channels, where we bridge the legacy of aviation's past with the innovation of its future.

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