Aeronca L-3A, L-3B, L-3C 1944 Maintenance & Erection
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Begins with two fine Army films narrated by actor Robert Taylor on the Battle of the St. Vith, and ends with two penetrating films made in 1944 by the U.S. Army called "Air Power & Armies." Tape may not be rewound and may jump because of age. Sold as is.  VHS Tape
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Aircraft Radio Corporation Model AN-ARC-5 1944 Maintenance Manual
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Allison  V-1710-27 thru 115 Overhaul Manual
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Allison  V-1710-81 and -87 1944 Parts Catalog
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Allison  V-1710-F Type Engines Overhaul Manual
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Army Glider CG-13A Series Pilot's Flight Operating Instructions

Dated 15 July 1944

Revised 20 June 1947

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Beech AT-10 Series Structural Repair
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Beech AT-10BH Series Pilot's Flight Operating
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Beech AT-7, AT-7C, SNB-2, -3 1944 Erection & Maintenance
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Bell P-39 Series 1944 Erection & Maintenance Instructions
  • Dated April 1943 - Revised August 1944
  • 424 Pages
  • Covers the P-400, P-39D, P-39D-1, P-39D-2, P-39F, P-39K-1, P-39L-1, P-39M-1, P-39N-O, P-39N-1, P-39Q-1
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Bell P-39 Series 1944 Structural Repair
Our Price: $65.00
Bell P-39D-1 & P-39D-2 1944 Flight Manual
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Bell P-39K-1 & P-39L-1 1944 Flight Manual
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Bell P-39N-0, P-39N-1, P-39N-5 1944 Flight Manual
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Bell P-39Q-1 Series 1944 Flight Manual
P-39Q-1, Q-5, Q-10, Q-15, Q-20 & Q-21
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Bendix 308-314,703,728 Generators1944 Overhaul Instructions
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Bendix Cast Filled Aircraft Ignition Harness Service Instructions 1944
  • Cast Filled Aircraft Ignition Harness
  • Used With SF14L (or R) N-8 Front Mounted Magnetos
  • On the Pratt & Whitney R-1830D & R-2000 Aircraft Engines
  • Dec 1944
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Bendix DC Generator Type 1381 Installation, Operation, Overhaul, Parts
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