Piper Misc.

Flying Light Twins Safely

 Department of Transportation
A Cooperative Project by the:
FAA, General Aviation Manufacturer Assoc., Beech, Cessna And PIper
Small Booklet covering: Loss of Power on one side, Climb Performance, Yaw, Roll Critical engine, Key Airspeeds for Single Engine Operations and more.
11 pages

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Piper Accessories and Modification Kits 1966 (Part# 753-701)
  • Table of Contents:
  • Section I - PA18 & PA-18A Series
  • Section II - PA22 Series Tri-Pacer & Colt
  • Section III - PA23-150, -160 Apache,
  • Section IV -  PA23-235 Apache, -250 Aztec,
  • Section V - PA24-180, -250, -260, -400 Comanche
  • Section VI -  PA25-150, -235, -260 Pawnee
  • Section VII - PA28-140, -150, -160, 180, PA-28-235, PA28R-180, -200 Cherokee
  • Section VIII -  PA30 Twin Comanche
  • Section IX - PA31, PA31-300 Navajo
  • Section X - PA-32-260, -300 Cherokee Six
  • Revised 1969
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Piper All Piper Aircraft Type Specs Type Aircraft Specifications
Aircraft Specifications for: E2, F2, J3, J4, J5, L4, PA11, Pa12, PA14, PA15, PA16, PA17, PA18, PA19, PA20, PA22-108, PA22, PA23 Apache, PA23 Aztec, PA24, PA25, PA36, PA28, PA28 Arrow, PA30,39, PA32 Series, PA34-200,200T
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Piper Multi-Engine Manual
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Piper Oxygen 1966 Operating Instructions
Revised 1974 This manual will help obtain maximum utility from the oxygen system and high performance airplane.
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